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  • Karina Lee


The second episode of 'Unexpected Business' had Seolhyun reflecting on the past and expressing her true sentiments.

This past Sunday, April 21st, the cast of tvN's 'Unexpected Business 2' wrapped up their evening's work and spent some quality time together.

Actors Yoon Kyung Ho and Park Byung Eun shared how they first met 8 years ago at a lunch on this day. Both actors raised a drink in unison, cheering each other on. Then Yoon Kyung Ho disclosed that he had also worked with Jo In Sung and Seolhyun on the film 'The Great Battle'.

"I didn't see Seolhyun laughing out loud on set," Yoon Kyung Ho said. "She looks a lot better today," Jo In-Seong said.

JIS said, "I believe that during the production of The Great Battle, I had not done much acting and I was still in high school." "I suppose I did grow more comfortable," Seolhyun said. Seolhyun used this opportunity to reflect on the past and communicate how she really felt about the situation at hand.

"Last year was my tenth debut anniversary," she said. He applauded and encouraged her by saying, "Good job!" "You've put in a lot of effort. Congrats. It's difficult to work on the same project for a decade."

What did Seolhyun say when Yoon Kyung Ho asked her how she felt about being active for the last 10 years? "It wasn't until later in my career as a singer that I realized I was afraid of acting. I felt like an outcast among the crowd.."

Afterward, Seolhyun said, "When I chose to become an actor, I felt more at ease."

Cha Tae Hyun also gave Seolhyun encouragement, stating, "Now you're on the verge of embarking on a career as an actor in earnest. That is what it is to feel at ease." 'Acting,' according to Jo In Sung, is always on a 'zero value,' which means that your score is reset regardless of how well or poorly your previous work did.' Actor Park Byung Eun concurred, saying, "All the renown actors feel the same way."

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