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  • Mary Kim



Ken Rhee, a former Naval Special Forces (UDT) captain, announced his arrival in Ukraine.

On March 7th, Ken Rhee posted on his Instagram, "My team has arrived safely in Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please consider what else we can do instead of invalidating our passports and wasting our time. We will fight at the front lines."

He went on to say, "I have been requesting night vision goggles on a continuing basis but was denied an export license. As a result, I am attempting to secure US government support for night vision."

Ken Rhee continued to update his Instagram account, writing, "I've made my way to Ukraine. We appreciate your assistance during the Korean War. Now, we will assist." Additionally, he shared a photo of what appears to be the base camp.

Ken Rhee previously stated that he had recently traveled to Ukraine to join the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. Lee Geun rose to prominence in 2020 as a trainer in the YouTube series 'Fake Men,' where he quickly gained attention for his straightforward personality. Since then, many Koreans have developed an interest in military special forces, which has resulted in the creation of numerous military competition shows.

A netizen who saw the post stated, "The country that fought the war was the Soviet Union, not Ukraine," and demanded an apology from former Captain Lee. Ken Rhee responded with another post in which he stated, "During the Korean War, the international community aided Korea. Ukrainians served in the US Army as well. We will now assist Ukraine. We cannot stand by and watch innocent people suffer and die "Providing context for his visit to Ukraine. Additionally, he added, "Pray for peace in Ukraine."

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