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  • Karina Lee



Kim Hyun Joong has confirmed rumors that he is engaged to be married to actress Kim Soo Hyun.

A solo concert titled 'What I Want To Say' (literal translation) was held on February 27 KST by the Hallyu star, during which he announced his engagement to his fan attendees in front of an online and offline audience.

First, he began cautiously, "I'm not sure how to tell you what I'm thinking." "I made the decision to walk through the rest of my life with the person who has stood by me through the most difficult and trying times in life."

I've received a lot of attention and love throughout my life, and I'm extremely grateful to all of the fans who have stood by my side through the dark and difficult times. I believe today will be a special day because it will be the first time we will meet face to face and I will be able to speak with you," he continued, adding that he was looking forward to meeting his fans. I was able to regain courage and make the decision to start over with the second half of my life as a result of the love, support, and trust I received from my fans throughout my darkest and most difficult days.

He then explained that he had been pressuring himself to live a good life for his fans, and that he wished to repay them in some way. His fans' unending love and support inspired him to tell them in person during his show, rather than simply sending a letter to all of them with the news of their engagement.

HENECIA, Kim Hyun Joong's management company, also issued a press statement to directly address previous media reports. The statement read, "The news of our artist Kim Hyun Joon's marriage was announced today at his concert, which was broadcast live on the internet. As a result of the difficult [pandemic] situation, they have chosen to forego the ceremonial and other formalities. We respectfully request that you refrain from excessive speculation, as we have carefully conveyed the news to the couple in their best interests."


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