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  • Juice Shin


IVE is a power rookie who debuted less than a year ago, in December 2021, when the group made their debut.

They were the first female group to win a music competition in the shortest amount of time and smashed several records in only a few months.

The rookie female trio made a reappearance earlier this month, on April 5, with 'LOVE DIVE.' Once again, the female group swept the awards in numerous music shows and topped the charts with their song.

Not only is 'Love Dive' receiving a lot of love in South Korea, but it's also garnering a lot of attention outside of the country, since the song has been charting high on foreign music lists such as the Japanese Oricon chart and the American Billboard chart.

With the song's success in South Korea and abroad, many netizens predict IVE to become the next global girl group, as "Love Dive" becomes the next worldwide smash song, particularly in Japan.

"It's astonishing how they got number one on Japanese music charts using a Korean song," said one netizen. "This is fantastic," "it's because they have a great song and a great idea," "Congrats!" "I like this song as well," "I'm very glad IVE is succeeding," "I thought this song would go well because it's so excellent," says the composer. "I adore the music, their idea, and their images," "I believe IVE is the finest fourth-generation group," and "This is an outstanding song."


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