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  • Karina Lee


Netizens' couldn't believe ITZY member Yuna's slender waist in her most recent Instagram photographs.

On April 20, one netizen said in an online group, "Wow, ITZY's Yuna wore low-rise [jeans]." The netizen added photographs from Yuna's most recent post on ITZY's official Instagram account in this post. Yuna was seen wearing low-rise jeans, a denim jacket, and a white waist-hugging top. Her slim waist and beauty immediately drew the attention of netizens, who couldn't help but express their admiration.

Some remarks from netizens included:

"Her waist is insanely tiny. She's ideal for low-rise."
"Her legs are quite long. Her waistline is incredible!"
"She is truly stunning. She seemed to have it all. She also seems to have a kind attitude."
"I'm really envious."
"Yuna's waist is completely insane...
But when will the low-rise tendency come to an end? I believe it would be more attractive if she wears a high-waisted dress."
"Wow, her physique is incredible."
"Yuna's face is out of this world, and her figure is out of this world as well."
"Her waist is ridiculous..."
"Is that even conceivable? Wow..."
"Wow, her waist and hips are out of this world."
"I don't believe her line was ever this beautiful, but did she mature as a result of her exercise or as a result of her age? I'm envious."


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