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  • Cole Yoon


When shit hits the fan, receipts come out.

More news is trickling out regarding influencer 'FREEZIA' and her 'fake' lifestyle. Where she was originally suspected of faking the clothes she was wearing, netizens are now suspecting the influencer faked her whole image, from her backstory to her home, and family.

On the 18th, media outlets reported that in online communities in Korea, the model's 'family home' where her parents live was released. The pictures were taken by the influencer in 2020 before her meteoric rise.

In the picture, netizens were surprised to find that her parent's home was very 'regular'. As FREEZIA is known to have come from very rich parents, the home was in start contrast to the influencer's multi million dollar condo where she is neighbors with stars such as SNSD's 'Sunny' and Super Junior's 'Lee Teuk'.

Some netizens are now questioning over whether or not the influencer comes from a rich family even going as far as to speculating that FREEZIA's home is leased by her agency rather than bought by her.

The recent controversy over the star sporting counterfeit designer clothes is even more shocking to netizens as the influencer was famous not only for her 'don't care' attitude but also her image of being an 'heiress' or being the daughter of a rich family. Whether FREEZIA is able to continue her career after the controversy is yet to be seen.

The model and influencer saw her instagram followers rise from 400k to 3.4 million recently after the release of Korean dating show, 'Single's Inferno'. Controversy arose however as fans noticed that the model wore counterfeit clothes.


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