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  • Cole Yoon


The CEO tries to set the record straight.

Youtuber and influencer FREEZIA's agency 'HYO WON CNC' CEO has stepped up to respond to the controversy and rumors.

According to label on the 19th, the agency's CEO Kim Hyo Jin stated, "We are writing in response to unfounded rumors regarding FREEZIA." Adding, "First I would like to apologize. It is all my fault."

The CEO stated, "It is our responsibility to check the styling of our artist however we chose to respect her choices of clothing to create more authenticity. I would like also apologize to cofounder actress Kang Ye Won. We should have done more so our creator make right choices and in this aspect we failed."

The CEO continued, "Recently on youtube and other SNS platforms, there are malicious rumors that I would like to clear up for the sake of her fans. This is not to excuse her for wearing counterfeit items."

Regarding rumors of CNC having an off shore company the CEO stated, "HyoWon CNC is a start up agency founded by actress Kang Ye Won and I, that we made from the ground up. We have never received any investments."

Regarding rumors the label paid for the influencer's condo, "We have not given her a cent for her housing. Besides helping and making her creative visions come to life, we have not given her any other financial help. Since her college days FREEZIA has worked as a model and an influencer and through these endeavors she was able to put down a down payment for the condo she is currently leasing."

Regarding accusations FREEZIA made haul videos passing counterfeits off as 'authentic', the CEO stressed, "In FREEZIA's youtube channel we took down the haul videos not because she passed off the counterfeits as authentic but because the necklace she was wearing at the time of filming was counterfeit. All remaining pictures and videos show her wearing only authentic clothing. We can verify each video.

The CEO then warned, "Lastly all malicious comments or rumors will be collected and used to persecute them."


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