If you couldn't tell Chinese sentiment is at an all time low in Korea.

WJSN member Cheng Xiao is being accused of betraying Korea.

The controversy stems from the Chinese former Kpop star's current drama. In it, a scene where the mother of Xiao is making Kimchi is shown. K netizens are calling out the drama as another Chinese attempt to claim Korean culture is theirs.

This comes as another in a string of peculiar attempts at claiming Korean culture as theirs. The country has been accused in the past of trying to elevate its image by latching onto the Korean Wave through claims of birthing Korean culture. Previous claims by China include birthing Korean folk dance, Korean Hanbok, and various Korean foods.

As China is one of the biggest reasons for the 'Snowdrop' backlash as well, Koreans were not as impressed as they were amused by the desperate attempt. Scathing comments from K netizens include, "She leaves her Kpop group for this", "What is wrong with them, did they decide to be a Korean colony?", "China did what China does.", "That's not how to make kimchi LOL", "They have no pride in themselves, that's why they want to claim what isn't theirs".