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  • Juice Shin


Perfect matches do exist.

Netizens are ecstatic over the news that SUZY will be the leading lady for upcoming NETFLIX drama 'LEE DOO NA'. A remake of a beloved webdrama, the drama chronicles the story of Lee Won Joon, a first-year college student who moves into a share house with a girl named Lee Doo Na, a former K-Pop idol. Netizens are all for the casting call it a perfect match, read what they wrote below!

Netizens wrote:

"I always wanted SUZY to play an actual pretty character rather than trying to be normal, so happy that she is taking this role"

"Watch her fancams, what do you mean she looks plain, her looks are so glamorous lol this is a perfect role"

"Didn't expect this but she fits the role so well lol daebak" "Suzy is perfect for this role ong" "The fact that her character is supposed to be really pretty is perfect for her... love the fact that the male character is only a year old older than her" "The nation's first love will play a first love, perfect"

"The webtoon is bright and is a campus romance so it fits her well"

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