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  • Mary Kim



Ex TV personality Amy (real name Lee Yoon-ji, 40) was sentenced to three years in prison for her third drug offense.

On the 3rd, Chuncheon District Court's Wonju Support Detective Division 1 (Chief Judge Shin Gyo-sik) gave the sentence to Amy, who was charged with violating her probation and using drugs. The court sentenced Amy to three years in prison, which is heavier than the prosecution's sentence of two years and six months for Amy, who was forced to enter the country after being deported for drug use. An accomplice named Oh (37), who was also charged with drug use, was sentenced to three years and six months in prison, six months higher than the original sentence imposed.

The court also ordered the two to complete a 40-hour drug addiction treatment program.

Amy was handed over to trial on charges of administering methamphetamine six times from the end of April to the end of August last year. Amy's side denied the allegations in her courtroom, claiming that she was involuntarily held in custody by Mr. Oh.

However, the court did not accept this.

Amy, an American national, made her name known through her broadcasts, including her 'The Villainess Diary'. In 2012 she was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years of probation for taking propofol. When she entered the country with her forced exile period expired in January last year, she was again arrested by police for tampering with her drugs.


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