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  • Karina Lee


Fair or nah?

The latest 'Music Bank' episode in which Kim Woo Seok beat TAEYEON is causing controversy among fans.

Many viewers and fans have questioned KBS's music program's scoring system for years, but the latest music show winner has prompted netizens to cast further doubt on the system.

This is because, in the most recent episode of the music show, Kim Woo Seok of UP10TION won the trophy with a total score of 6016, defeating Taeyeon of Girls' Generation. Many were taken aback when Kim Woo Seok defeated the veteran idol with only a 5 on his digital album, a 0 on Viewer Preference, and a 0 on Social Media. Kim Woo Seok received the most points for 'Number of Broadcasts' and physical album sales.

On the other hand, Taeyeon earned a 2576 digital album score, a 1006 viewer preference score, an 18 social media score, a 13 number of broadcasts score, and a 572 physical album sales score.

Fans are crying foul, as no one really knows what 'Number of Broadcasts' means. In a music show, it is inconceivable that an artist win when they get a literal 5 for digital album and a 0 on both viewer preference and social media.


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