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  • Mary Kim


Brave Girls "Opening Show"

On Mnet's 'Queendom 2,' female idol groups compete against one another in a series of intense performance stages to determine who is Queen, once and for all.

With the premiere of 'Queendom 2 drawing nearer, Mnet spiked anticipation by presenting the competing teams' "Opening Show" performances.

Watch 'Brave Girls' Opening Show above and read reactions below

"I see they have been working hard to show us the performances they had not been able to, keep giving us that heat, and let's go, hwaiting!" "They are so good at fierce performances as well... They have so many sides to them" "Wow, love this... I know Brave Girls are good and I know they have wanted to do a powerful performance for a long time so I hope they do everything they ever wanted to on stage" "Wow! Never seen this side to them!!! Show us the sides you haven't been able to on Queendom 2!! Brave Girls Hwaiting!" "Eunji is finally here on her own merits from being 'Park Bom's shadow ㅠㅠㅠㅠ" "Eunji first started getting noticed on Queendom 1 by performing on 'Park Bom's stage and now she is here with her group, must be crazy" "The powerful stage was so good and they pulled everything off so chic, let's go back into their rabbit hole" "Nuna's you guys are so cool~~~ the track was dope and stage, even better! Brave Girls, good luck on your first steps into 'Queendom' hwaiting!


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