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  • Cole Yoon

YouTuber Kim Yong Ho Booked On Molestation Charges

The tables have turned.

Oct 27, Busan, The infamous YouTuber Kim Yong Ho or how we know him as "He who shall not be named" in Kpop, has been booked on molestation charges. The YouTuber famous for starting many controversies, such as the 'Han Ye Seul' fiasco, allegedly forced himself on a female 2 years ago. The female provided video evidence of the occurrence. It is reported in the video, Kim tries to Kiss and hug the female to which she resists. When asked why she is pressing charges after two years the female said it was because it was due to his popularity.

Kim through his lawyer denies all charges and believes the reason she is only now pressing charges is because someone had convinced to do it to hurt his reputation. Stay tuned.


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