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  • Cole Yoon


KPOP's fourth-generation already might be its' best.

NMIXX's debut single, 'AD MARE,' will be released on the 22nd via various music sites.

The title track, 'O.O,' is a song that embodies the shape of wide-open eyes in surprise and the exclamation 'Oh!', as well as a strong sense of preparedness to be surprised by something new.

NMIXX is a compound word comprised of the letter 'N', which stands for the unknown n of 'now', 'new', and 'next', and the word 'MIX', which symbolizes combination and diversity, implying 'the best combination for a new era'. have

NMIXX had a one-of-a-kind promotion leading up to their debut. Last July, the blind package for the limited edition of the debut single was sold without disclosing the team's name or members. As a result, pre-orders surpassed 60,000 copies in just ten days.

The reason why NMIXX is generating so much interest is that they are a new girl group from JYP. JYP showcased global girl groups from each generation, including Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, and ITZY, and literally wrote the 'girl group undefeated myth'.

JYP did not conceal their excitement for NMIX, stating, "All seven members possess all-around capabilities that are not limited to a single position, so we will become a '7-7-7 All Aces' group comprised of seven dancers, seven vocalists, and seven visual members."

However, something unfortunate occurred prior to the debut. On the morning of the 18th, Member Bae was diagnosed with COVID-19.

"On the 16th, Bae displayed symptoms of a sore throat, so all of the members tested a self-diagnosis kit, and Bae came back positive," JYP explained. explained.

At the moment, all NMIXX members have received their second dose of the vaccine, and those who tested negative have been placed in self-quarantine.

This is a situation in which postponing the debut might be considered, but JYP stated, "The first single 'AD MARE' will be released on February 22 as scheduled." However, the debut showcase that was originally scheduled to take place concurrently has been rescheduled for March 1.


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