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  • Karina Lee


Fathers be good to your daughters...

Ye-Eun (Hat:felt), a former Wonder Girls member, shared her honest feelings by bringing up a dark story about her father.

She appeared on Channel A's 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center', which was broadcast on the 11th.

On this day, Ye-eun spoke about bad memories from her past childhood.

Yeeun said, "The first memory in my life is the memory of my mother crying a lot." She said, "My father had an affair with the church deacon, and her husband came after him with a knife saying he was going to kill him." "So my parents divorced." After that, I didn't see my father for a long time, and since then, I have never thought that I loved him."

Yeeun also mentioned that her father had implicated her in her fraudulent charges.

Yeeun said, "It has been about 5 years since my father was imprisoned for fraud. Now, I am living my life as if I don't have a father at all". Then, Yeeun added, "People around me tell me to forgive him but I think that there are things in the world that cannot be forgiven."

Although Yeeun was acquitted, she stated her father in jail wrote to her a letter asking for $150,000. Yeeun confessed it was the first letter she has ever received from her father.


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