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  • Cole Yoon


So are we calling her son... Wonder Baby?

On the January 19th episode of KBS 2TV episode of 'GodFather', Kang Joo Eun visited Wonder Girl Hyerim's newlywed home.

Upon entering Kang Joo Eun immediately stated "There is nothing to clean here, it's bare", alluding to Hyerim's minimalist interior.

Hyerim who is fond of the minimalist interior stated, "When we were planning on the interior I wanted to go with a clean white."

To this, Kang Joo Eun expressed concern stating, "It might be too bare, I was a bit shocked. She will need to baby proof the house."

Kang then brought out a baby mat to which Hyerim was noticeably taken aback. Kang however stressed, "Once the baby is here you won't have time to do this. You have to get ready for the baby now." The two then went to prepare for the baby during the episode.

Hyerim is married to Tae Kwon Do athlete Shin Min chul and is expecting a son.

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