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  • Cole Yoon

Woman Fights Off Intruder But Her Apt is Allowing Him to Enter

How does this make any sense?

A woman who lives alone was shocked when she heard the sound of her door lock's password being pressed from the outside. She ran to the door and chain locked it right as the door opened. A man was behind the door and a tussle began wrestling to wriggle free the chain when finally the woman gained control and closed the door. She called the police who after reviewing the CCTV footage found the man who then was arrested and he was put in jail never to bother her again, right? Wrong. The police found out he was the properties interior designer, who claims he was trying to see his work. BS, but the police bought it and let the man go free. Even worst, the apartment still lets him in. How did the man know her pw? He worked on her house and had remembered the pw, and the woman did not change it. The woman is staying at her parents, too afraid to live at her own home. SMDH.

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