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  • Cole Yoon

Why 'Stop Speaking On Jennie' is Trending

Why the hate?

#RespectAndApologizeToJennie is trending on twitter, here's why:

Jennie has been seen in Los Angeles, Paris, and traveling international to work, however fellow member Lisa has not been able to travel as freely, many suspect, due to Korea's COVID restrictions.

Korea has a 14 Day quarantine restriction in place for foreigners coming in to Korea, which may affect Lisa. However some are arguing that it is YG keeping Lisa from leaving the country and is proof of preferential treatment towards Jennie and her Korean members. There has been many msgs like the one bellow, trigger warning: Mentions rape and criminally sexual acts

Due to the nature of these tweets and messages, fans of Jennie and Blinks are coming to her aide pointing these messages out and defending the pop star.

Do you think the hate is warranted?

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