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  • Cole Yoon

Why LABOUM's Kiss Kiss Is So Important

Of this, they are one of the very few groups left...

LABOUM's comeback with 'Kiss Kiss' should not be taken for granted. With this week's disbandment of 'Lovelyz', fans of the 'Pure' kpop concept realize there aren't many groups left to cheer for. The 'Pure' girl groups refer to girls with an innocent concept that was prevalent in old school Kpop ie: Finkl, SES, SNSD. Recent disbandments of groups like 'Lovelyz' 'GFriend' and with Son Naeun's departure from her label leaving 'A*Pink' in a precarious situation, LABOUM is one of the only group of the 'PURE' concept left standing.

'Kiss Kiss' is a certified BOPPER. If you're a fan like me, it's important that we give this group their flowers to let their label know this sub-genre is worth fighting for.


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