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  • Haein Kim

Why Kim Seon Ho's Comeback is Important

All K Drama fans should be happy

Now that it has come to light that Kim Seon Ho didn't indeed force an abortion and that in fact he was actually a really sweet, supporting, boyfriend (yes, just like in dramas), we are left to analyze what's left. In the wake of the controversy's end, fans rejoiced and so did I but it is important that we don't overlook the important precedent that hopefully this controversy has set. Measure twice, cancel once.

The importance of that cannot be overstated as Korean Cancel culture is swift and you will be jobless before you run out of twitter characters. So to see Kim Seon Ho come out triumphant for the most part career unscathed, as much as one can in spite of literally having your career ended then resuscitated, hopefully gives our favorite stars a moat or little bit of rope next time an accusation like this occurs. Hopefully we won't be too quick to judge, but only time will tell because there will be next time.


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