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  • Cole Yoon


Are RED VELVET favorites?

February was an incredible month for KPOP and March is proving to be no slouch either! With favorite acts new and old returning this month, let's take a look at the early favorites to be crowned victor this March Madness.

RED VELVET "The Favorites"

Red Velvet's are easily the favorites to win out this March and that is no slight to the other groups. Through years of competing against fellow third-generation rivals TWICE and BLACKPINK, RED VELVET has earned the right to be called KPOP titans.

With the group's last comeback being our favorite, expect this group's latest to be their greatest.

OH MY GIRL "The Challenger"

If we had to put our money down to pick a group to beat Red Velvet, without a doubt, we would pick Oh My Girl. International fans don't understand just how HUGE this group is in Korea.

The group easily has the most Korean male fans in their generation, other than TWICE. The fluttery feminine concepts the group is attributed to are a favorite with Korean females as well and are a tried and true formula for success.

With one of the most fervent fandoms in all of KPOP, the group just might pull off the steal of 2022.

BRAVE GIRLS "The Darkhorse"

Did someone say Male Fans?

Brave Girls were resuscitated last year from KPOP purgatory and are now aiming to be crowned 'Summer Queens'.

The girls will have to, in part, rest their fate to CEO Brave Brothers. The once super-producer that created so many hit songs in the past has hit a bit of a drought as of late, with their music even sounding a bit dated. Whether the producer will be able to regain form will be key to the group's competitiveness with the likes of RED VELVET that outsource their production to American songwriters.

WEEEKLY "Super Rookies"

Then we have WEEEKLY.

This group is at a crossroads, debuting to a massive success with a 'pure' concept, WEEEKLY has recently caused an uproar within its own fandom by changing to a 'girl crush' concept. While some fans welcomed the change, some felt that the group was conforming to a trend that is already dying out.

With this comeback proving to be the group's most ambitious, whether or not fans will respond to it in likeness, will have to be seen. But if planets align for the group, don't be surprised if it's them that take the crown this month.


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