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  • Cole Yoon


NMIXX don't play.

Although JYP Entertainment's rookie girl group NMIXX received mixed reviews for their debut single "O.O," they captured netizens' attention with their live singing abilities and performance abilities.

On March 1, the girls of NMIXX held a press showcase to commemorate the release of their debut single, 'AD MARE.' Even before their debut, the girls drew a lot of attention for their individual visuals and also for their distinct performance abilities, which were revealed through various cover videos.

They have now captivated netizens with their exceptional singing abilities and performance abilities displayed during their debut showcase. Soon after, fans and netizens began sharing brief clips of the girl group's debut live performance.

Korean netizens flocked to a popular online community to express their admiration for the group, praising the girls' live singing and stage performance abilities. "They're all so good," one netizen observed. "Wow, their performance abilities are insane," "I adore Lily's singing voice," she says. "Sullyoon is incredible," "I knew they'd be good because of their cover videos," "I had no idea they'd be singing live, the choreography is so insane," "Their live singing is incredible; I believe Lily is the best singer; I adore her vibe," "The song is terrible, but the girls are incredible singers and dancers," "After seeing this showcase, I'm a big fan of Lily." "All of the girls are so lovely and they sing beautifully," and "Their vocal abilities are excellent; they can hit high notes fairly well."


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