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  • Mary Kim



Group iKON released a cover video for Treasure's 'JIKJIN' on the 13th.

You can listen to 'Jikjin' sung by iKON themselves, as well as discover a performance that is different from the original song.

In particular, the point choreography of 'Jikjin', 'drift dance' and step performance, was reborn with iKON's unique personality. In addition to the powerful movement, the six members' swag, confidence, and free-spirited charm were added, and they radiated a different energy from Treasure's 'Jik-Jin'.

In addition, Bobby showed off a new rap with his own sensibility. The witty lyrics such as 'When I see you, the film cuts (cut cut) / I shed blood for you (Cheol-cheol)' and its unique hip-hop swag drew admiration from fans.

At the end of iKON's performance, Treasure members also joined, to confirm the strong chemistry between YG seniors and juniors. The fantastic collaboration between TREASURE and iKON sparked explosive excitement and made the YG Family fandoms go wild.

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