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  • Cole Yoon

#VOICE This Was Korean's Greatest Complaint of 2021 Thus Far

And why Chinese sentiment is at an all time low

October 18, Korean news outlets are reporting on the biggest issue and controversy of the year 2021 thus far. President Moon Jae In, when coming into office opened online a website to post grievances and proposals for reforms. Any proposal, grievance, or story that gain 200k likes automatically receives a response from the presidential office, usually in video form.

Of the many grievances posted on the community board, media outlets are reporting the single largest, most controversial government complaint was regarding Gangwon-Do Province's proposal to developing a huge 'Chinatown'.

In a sign of deteriorating Chinese sentiment in Korea, first the immediate citizens of Gangwon-Do and then the whole country were up in arms at news that a Chinatown would be developed in the province. The largest Chinatown in the country is in Incheon and is often blamed for the stagnant growth Incheon has been facing in subsequent years.

China has been the root of many controversies in Korea, often being incredibly micro-aggressors of the two countries such by as claiming 'Kimchee' , a food renown all of the world as Korean, to be of Chinese origin. Also claiming the 'Hanbok',literally meaning Korean dress, to be Chinese and last but not least asking that Chinese soldiers who fought for communist North Korea to be remembered in the same respect as American GI's which many Korean's find ludicrous.

Due to the complaints the plans for the new Chinatown were scrapped. The Governor and largest champion of the project is planning a different Chinatown in another province. Although that project is facing increasing headwinds as well.


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