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  • Karina Lee


The Opening Act

On Mnet's 'Queendom 2,' female idol groups compete against one another in a series of intense performance stages to determine who is Queen, once and for all.

With the premiere of 'Queendom 2 drawing nearer, Mnet spiked anticipation by presenting the competing teams' "Opening Show" performances.

Here are the initial fan reactions from VIVIZ' Opening Act!

"VIVIZ does not disappoint... I can't move just like you ㅠㅠㅠ VIVIZ hwaiting!" "Their 'knife choreo' is still sharp as ever... finally, next week... I know they are preparing well for future stages, I hope they are able to show all of their colors and not have any regrets" "The 'GODFRIEND' lineage is in VIVIZ, love you guys and always support you, HWAITING!" "Seriously, let's win this, the performance is crazy that's all I can say, I was so shocked my jaw was hanging" "They are so cute off stage but are so good on it! That 'Knife Choreo' gave me chills, let's go!" "Other group performances are intriguing but I'm most excited for VIVIZ, Because they have experience as 'GFRIEND', they know what suits them well, so I think they will be leading the stages" "VIVIZ is on to better things, I will always support you"


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