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  • Karina Lee


Updated: Mar 9, 2022


KPOP idols work intimately with their managers as they are more chauffeur/babysitter than an A&R like in the States. This being said, sometimes there blossoms a great friendship or kinship like in the case of IU and her manager, however, there are more horror stories of artist's managers stealing money, or being verbally, even physically abusive.

Fans are in an uproar over one suspected such case, on a Korean online community a poster wrote a post titled 'Viviz manager just sucks' in which the poster wrote,

F**k, asking them to call him Oppa so Eunha was uncomfortable saying she'll just call him 'Manager', asking the girls to take his picture then uploading it onto his IG and tagging them, calling them princess, hate him

This is the first time they are working with a male manager, but is this normal? Am I being sensitive? All three of their managers are men and act this way, I miss their old GF manager Miri Unnie ...

Netizens were quick to point out that this isn't normal behavior writing:

This is what's wrong with smaller labels, managers and stylists see artists beneath them. Bigger labels were like this too in the past however now because of fans larger labels can't do anything to artists

Miri was such a rare manager. ONG Kim Hyung Eun was tough but a manager like him is super rare as well

It's great if members get along with their managers but their relationship should always be professional, it doesn't seem like that's the case here

That is why they are a small label, GFRIEND was treated well at HYBE although they left for their future

Miss Miri Unnie...

Honestly, that is too much

Did the managers see this? All of a sudden he deleted all posts with the girls

Asking to be called Oppa is way out of line.


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