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  • Cole Yoon


Vocalist Kim Yuna of band 'Jaurim' spoke about the abuse she endured as child.

On 'Oh Eun Kyung's Counseling Center', the singer appeared on the 7th.

Kim Yuna spoke about her sadness and feeling burnt out. The singer stated social issues such as 'Sewol Ferry' affected her greatly and depressed.

Oh Eun Young, the host, spoke about how she felt the singer was hypersensitive especially to sound. To this, the singer confessed she didn't grow up in a great home and that she was raised by an abusive father. She spoke about how her father was a good father outside the home but would change when inside and that he was manipulative. The singer also confessed that she doesn't remember her Elementary School years, "it's as if there is a bruise in my brain", the singer said.

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