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  • Cole Yoon

V Facing Racism After SZA Tweet... Here's What Happened

When they go low.. Army goes all the way up!

Media outlet Allkpop' user 'Yellowtail' uploaded a post that hurt our soul. Here's what happened...

Sometimes worlds collide in the worst way, and this instance is one of them. What do you expect when the most beloved R&B singer and pop's most beloved boy group meet? Surely, not this. But in a post pandemic world where Asian Hate is so real and America sucks, this is the result.

V was having a good time at the Harry Styles concert with Jimin, JungKook, and J Hope

That's V, he and Lizzo are about to become BFFs

V meets SZA! Best time ever? They even hugged!


Wait what? What you mean they didn't care?

And fans responded like..

Dang, but wait love...

Oh is that how you really feel?

We just wanna know Queen!

In all seriousness it isn't SZA's tweet that should be the focus but the racist responses. It shows the crack in the relationship between communities and we just need to heal and love each other period. Stay classy America...

Article based on 'Allkpop's user 'Yellowtail' contributions.

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