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  • Cole Yoon

User Complained About Kim Seon Ho's AD, Here Is How They Responded

Kim Seon Ho looks like he's here to stay.

A user complained to 11st about seeing Kim Seon Ho's ad, 11st responded (translated below)

Hello, this is 11st customer service center,

First, thank you for sending us your valued opinion.

Ever since April, Kim Seon Ho has been doing his best as a model for us

Since his apology on October 20 and the other party accepting his apology, we have decided to continue using him as our model from November.

The filming was done before the controversy and we had planned for it to go live from November 1, at 11' clock. We ask that you understand our decision and we would like to thank you again for sending us your opinion.

We will be the best 11st, that we can be. Thank you.


Looks like Kim Seon Ho is here to stay!


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