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  • Juice Shin


KDRAMAS needs to stop this 20th-century trope.

Drama, 'Twenty Five, Twenty One' is in hot water with fans.

In the 10th episode of tvN's 'Twenty Five, Twenty One', which was broadcast on the 13th, Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-Ri), Baek I-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk), Ko Yu-rim (Kim Ji-Yeon), Moon Ji-Woong (Choi Hyun-Wook), and Ji Seung-wan (Lee Joo-myeong) went on a school trip to the beach.

On this day, Baek I-Jin defined his relationship with Na Hee-do as 'love' and said, "I love you." "It has nothing to do with what you think of me. I love you as you are, and with this confession, If you become a little happier, I have nothing to wish for."

In addition, Na Hee-do, who sat next to each other on the beach, expressed her overwhelming heart, saying, “Why do I think this moment will last forever?” To this, Baek Yi-jin replied, “I think it will be forever,” and smiled broadly at Na Hee-do. Na-hee also said, "Let's be forever".

However, some netizens who saw the broadcast expressed their displeasure at the 'two-way love line' between Na Hee-do, a 19-year-old minor, and Baek Yi-jin, a 23-year-old adult.

Netizens pointed out, "This is not right", "The picture itself of someone wearing a suit and school uniform is unpleasant," and "Couldn't they have just graduated the heroine?"

On the other hand, some responded with advocacy, saying, "A drama is just a drama", "I enjoyed watching it, but it's surprising that it's controversial", and "Due to the setting of the drama, it will continue when the two become adults."


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