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  • Karina Lee


We love him either way!

The twelve members of TREASURE greeted viewers on the popular 1theK segment 'IDDP'!

On this day, members of TREASURE took turns reading their own profiles on Namu Wiki, Korea's online encyclopedia. When member Yoshi's turn came up, he confirmed that his full name, birthdate, and hometown were all correctly written. Nevertheless, with regards to his nationality being listed as ""I am Japanese," Yoshi explained after a brief pause. "I was born in Japan, so I am a Japanese citizen. However, I am also a 4th-generation Korean-Japanese. As a result, my ethnic origin is Korean.

Because I was a member of the 'Japan team' during 'YG Treasure Box,' I believe a lot of people assumed I was ethnically Japanese. Japan and Korea are both like my biological parents to me. Both countries are my favorites." 

Yoshi later read a fun fact about himself from his youth. According to the Namu Wiki profile, "He learned taekwondo as a child and competed in various taekwondo tournaments, claiming Korean nationality and using his Korean given name, Kim Bang Jeon. He placed third in a taekwondo competition in 2015, during his third year of middle school, while wearing a Korean flag on his sleeve."


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