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  • Karina Lee



TOP, a member of Big Bang, opened up about leaving the group.

T.O.P was recently featured on the cover of a Hong Kong magazine and conducted an interview.

According to the published interview, T.O.P cited the 'cannabis controversy' as the reason for his hiatus, departure from the group, and solo return.

T.O.P, who was embroiled in controversy in 2017 over cannabis inhalation, described that time as the 'worst moment' of his life. As he stated, "This is the first time I've publicly stated it, but five years ago I made an extreme choice. Only later did I realize the extent of the harm and pain I had inflicted on those around me, on my family and on my fans."

As he stated, "I was about to abandon music. However, music triumphed over the slump. I wrote more than 100 songs over the course of five years. I recognized how valuable it is to repay what I received "he continued.

Additionally, he spoke directly about Big Bang's comeback. Earlier this month, YG Entertainment announced Big Bang's return following a four-year hiatus and the termination of TOP's exclusive contract.

T.O.P responded bluntly to this, "I've always been proud to be a Big Bang Tower. However, for the last few years, I have speculated that there may not be a Big Bang Tower for some time."

"This Big Bang comeback song will contain a message about why I'm leaving as well as a message to my fans," he hinted. He did, however, state that he would maintain a positive relationship with the band's members and would consider the possibility of a reunion.

T.O.P expressed interest in the group's work and hinted at future actions. He also expressed a desire to found a new business. "I want to start a new business," T.O.P stated. "I'm not interested in becoming a robot manufacturer. I want to create and assist genuine artists. I'm optimistic about forming a group that is diametrically opposed to Big Bang."

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