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  • Cole Yoon

This Might Be The End For These Girl Groups

Will your faves make it?

With the disbandment of 'Lovelyz' many netizens are bracing for the next group to fall to the 7 year curse. Let's take a look and see if your faves will make it.

  1. CLC

According to Choi Yujin, the group will be disbanding. Netizens are furious at label 'Cube' for not being able to promote these girls correctly. What a waste!

2. Brave Girls

It is well documented the group was in the process of disbanding when 'Rollin' blew up. However with more options for the girls than ever before, will the hit song keep the together, or will it pull them in different currents?

3. Oh My Girl

As of writing this article, only 5 of the 7 girls have resigned ㅠㅠ

4. April

Bullying, group infighting, members suing each other... group is DOA come 2022

5. Twice

The ladies' contracts are up this year, although the industry largely expect them to resign, questions remain due to Jungyeon recent difficulties. We hope the girls stay together!


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