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  • Haein Kim

These Are The 5 Shoes Your Bias Can't Seem To Live Without

Goes without saying but there aren't any Jordans on this list.

Celebs, they are just like us aren't they? Not when it comes to their shoe game, that shit different. Here's five shoes our favorite idols put on when feeling ... different.

Worn by SNSD Taeyeon, Twice's Nayeon, and 'Squid Game' star Jung Ho Yeon, these shoes are making waves for their sneaker like design but still sticking it to em' with the slingback heels. The Archlight Pumps is feminine yet casual enough for your stroll down to the bodega.

Timberland's in the winter just doesn't seem to do it for our idols. Instead Chungdam is all about these Chanel High Boots. The black with gold accents, that's the assignment loves.

Leave the UGGs in your dorm, these Prada snow boots are excuse alone to stay in the snow.

These Saint Laurent Cap Toe Heels are everything but careful not to scrape the front!

This Gucci slingback is all the craze at the moment, the muted prints allow for a retro vibe that you can dress up or down.


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