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  • Mary Kim

The True Reason Why Lee Hani And Yoon Kye Sang Broke Up: A Chaebol Story

Cinderella stories only happen in dramas.

Many fans were shocked to find out Yoon Kye Sang broke and Lee Hani had broken up. The news cycle was churning out stories how and why it happened. A narrative was formed that Yoon acted selfishly and was the reason for the breakup. However now that it seems that the couple have found their respective forever loves with other partners, one of insiders' greatest secrets seem to have been let out the bag.

Youtuber Lee Jin Ho's broadcasts are stoic, he has a matter-of-factness demeanor befitting of a veteran journalist whose occupation prohibits him to play a protagonist role in Korea's biggest scandals. But he knows and we've known, that through manipulation and media play, a frame has been fitted on one of Korea's most heartbreaking 'Romeo & Juliet' stories that now shrinks away at this fact; Lee Hani is marrying a "Chaebol".

Honey Lee comes from good stock, no ,royal stock of "chaebol" status; a title that serves as remnant to Chosun's caste system: when in society bloodlines mattered most, the 'Yangbans' and the peasants who served them.

Yoon Kye Sang does not come from such antiquity, his bloodline holds no such gravitas. He made his fortune using his body to dance, to sing for his supper. It is reported and our sources confirm, that Lee Hani's family could not accept this. For seven years Yoon tried winning their favor, hit movies after hit movies, yet any acclaim he achieved domestically and around the world fell to deaf years inside Lee's house.

Yoon's story isn't unique throughout the industry there are stories, usually of actresses' that are barred from marrying "Chaebols". Go Hyun Jung, known today as a champion of womens' rights and fierce feminist was once a demure housewife whose mannerism had changed so much after marrying a chaebol that rumors of abuse were rampant throughout her marriage until eventual divorce.

Let's not forget Lee Jung Jae, whose lover is the heir to a massive fortune and the ex wife of Samsung head chairman Lee Jae Yong. The lovers have been together almost a decade now, is it a wonder why the two aren't married?

Once Yoon and Lee Hani broke up stories were fed, hundreds of articles were written about Yoon's ill treatment of Lee Hani,. Lee Jin Ho the youtuber reports when asked why Yoon never addressed the accusations, he replied, "I rather it be me, than her (Lee) to get the brunt of this". Even til the end Yoon, with his reputation tarnished he was a gentleman.

It's no coincidence then that after Yoon's announced nuptials to a businesswoman soon after we hear the news Lee is "in talks of marriage". When just a year ago when asked for her plans with Yoon, the man who had loved her for 7 years, she replied that it wasn't time yet. There are no "talks" of marriage, there was a decision, of how much input Lee had we'll never know.


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