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  • Juice Shin

The Red Sleeves Is The Hottest Korean Drama Out Right Now

The little drama that could.

The competition in Korea between dramas have been the most intense all year. Blue chip 'A List' stars Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Go Hyun Jung, Lee Young Ae, and Han Hyo Joo all have dramas out but among the biggest stars in Korea, it is Lee Se Young's 'The Red Sleeves' that is not just winning the battle of the actress' but dominating it.

It is reported on Nov 30. That 'The Red Sleeve' is the most talked about drama ranking 1st for three weeks in a row. Not only that, 'The Red Sleeve' is the the most talked about show for all categories, drama or otherwise. And for the trifecta the drama's main protagonists Lee Se Young and Lee Joon Ho were ranked first and second for the most talked about actors.

Lee Joon Ho and Lee Se Young

Audiences and critics alike are saying the hype surrounding the drama and its' actors are well deserved. The well made period piece details the love story between a palace maiden and the crown prince of Joseon era Korea.


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