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  • Cole Yoon

'The Red Sleeves Cuff' Is Getting Rave Reviews And It Is Only Getting Started

This drama has what it takes to be a classic..

Drama, 'The Red Sleeve Cuffs' is getting major rave reviews in Korea. The much anticipated drama is living up to its' hype with the 3rd episode taking off in ratings. The drama is period piece and as per usual the first few episodes have lower ratings as they usually cover the childhood and backstory of characters. The 3rd episode of the drama is when the younger characters mature and the story take legs. And girl, what legs they are, because the drama is proving to be formidable competition to 'Now, we are breaking up'. With exquisite beautiful directing and the eloquence of traditional Korean instruments' in full display in the original soundtracks, this drama might become the next classic. Are you watching? If not do yourself a favor and check this one out.

The second episode rating 5.8 takes off to 7 percent with Episode 3


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