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  • Mary Kim


Harmless or nah?

Younghoon of The Boyz has issued an apology letter for causing trouble with fans after his phone number joke. 

Younghoon stated via The Boyz's fan cafe on February 18 

Hello, it's Younghoon.

I'd like to apologize once more for the trouble I caused on February 16 when my private message platform messages caused damage to an unrelated individual. My apologies have been extended to the individual via my agency, but I extend them again here. 

I was being careless because I felt at ease discussing our fans openly.

I've discovered that the number I mentioned was a made-up number based on The Boyz's debut date. 

I humbly request that fans understand and cooperate in order to avoid further harm. 

I'm going to do my best from now on to be more circumspect and cautious in my communication, showing you only my best side.


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