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  • Mary Kim


Umm.. 누구시져?

Fortunately for those who live in Korea, there are numerous occasions when ordinary citizens can run into celebrities such as idols and actors who are taking a break from their promotional activities. Numerous online community posts detail these encounters, and many of these citizens become fans as a result of the celebrities' gracious demeanor. 

However, there is a male idol who has come under fire for instructing his fans not to take photographs and to refrain from acting in the manner in which they are accustomed to seeing him. Q, a Boyz member, recently had a live broadcast in which he asked his fans not to take photos of him or act as if they knew him during his long-term vacation in February, stating that it makes him extremely uncomfortable. 

Numerous netizens and fans criticized Q, claiming that he should be grateful that fans recognize him in public and show their support for him due to his lack of fame. Numerous fans pointed out that he appears to believe he has the same level of popularity as BTS and has copied their recent announcement from Big Hit Music. 

BTS has also begun their long-awaited break following the conclusion of their world tour, and the members are currently resting and enjoying their individual time. Prior to the break, Big Hit Music issued a statement requesting that fans refrain from photographing or conversing with BTS members in public, as the members are enjoying their time off as individuals. As a result, the agency requested the fans' cooperation in allowing the members to take a break without distractions.


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