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  • Karina Lee



Eric of The Boyz will take a brief hiatus due to health concerns.

IST Entertainment, the Boyz's management company, issued an official statement on March 4 explaining, "Eric recently expressed concerns about his ability to continue participating in activities due to his physical condition and health. He will get adequate rest and will undergo a health examination in order to receive an accurate diagnosis."

The agency went on to explain, "We have decided, after extensive discussion with Eric and the members, that Eric will concentrate on regaining his health and receiving treatment. Eric will temporarily suspend all activities, but The Boyz will remain a ten-piece group."

The following is IST Entertainment's complete statement:

This is an announcement regarding Eric's health and future activities as a member of The Boyz.

Eric, a member of The Boyz, recently complained of difficulty participating in activities due to his physical condition and health issues. He is currently resting and will receive a health check-up to receive an accurate diagnosis.

We prioritized the artist's health and well-being, and thus determined that it would be impossible for Eric to continue activities forcibly. As a result, we would like to inform you that Eric's activities will be temporarily suspended.

The Boyz's activities will continue as a ten-member group, and we ask for your understanding in this matter.

Eric's recovery status and anticipated return to activities will be announced at a later date.

Eric will concentrate on regaining his health without a separate schedule during the hiatus, and we will do everything possible to assist the artist in his recovery.

We apologize for causing concern among fans with this unexpected news and ask for your encouragement and support.

Many thanks."


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