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  • Haein Kim

The Best Looking Idols By Era According to Youtuber : This is not OUR list

Do you agree to this list?

A youtuber uploadeed a video rating the top visual by year/era from 2003 onwards. The list he compelled follows:

2003-2006 Yoo Chun, Jae Joon

2007-2008 |Super Junior HeeChul, Kim Bum

2009 | SS501 Kim Hyun Joong

2010-2011 2pm Nikhun

Nikhun was voted #1 best looking idol IRL in 2010

2012 Shinee Mino | Infinite L

2013 Im Siwan

2014 EXO Sehun

2015/2016 BTS V

2017-2018 Astro Cha Eun Woo

2019 NCT Jae Hyun

2020-2021 BTS V, JIN

Full video below, no ENG sub


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