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  • Cole Yoon

TaeYeon's Latest IG Post Has Some Fans Calling For Her To Apologize

What do you think about this?

TaeYeon's controversy over being scammed out of 1 million dollars, is spilling onto her instagram. Today she posted the picture above, it was her first post on Instagram since the controversy. However some are saying she is being thick skinned for not even apologizing while others are saying that people are way overreacting to the situation.

Taeyeon earlier this week had been scammed out of 1 million dollars in a real estate development scam. Netizens then called her out for trying to further make the housing market crisis worst by participating in speculation of the market, or trying to invest in a land that she believes will vastly appreciate in price when development takes place. TaeYeon has countered that she wanted the land to build a home for her family but netizens are not buy-ing it.

With home prices sky rocketing and many scandals involving politicians and wealthy buyers of land who then develop it to make money on the investment, it seems this controversy won't go away easily. What do you think about this situation, is the controversy warranted?


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