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  • Mary Kim


She don't need no help.

Girl group member Taeyeon makes a triumphant return with a new studio album.

To celebrate the official release of her third studio album "INVU," the Girls' Generation leader released the title track and the pre-release single "Can't Control Myself" on February 14 KST. Immediately upon its publication, the tracklist of her latest album drew praise from listeners and admirers alike.

'The thing that doesn't exist in Taeyeon's full-length albums,' a netizen wrote in an online community post. All of her previously released full-length albums were featured in the online community post.

There are no guest appearances on any of Taeyeon's full-length albums, based on the images in this gallery. In fact, Taeyeon's first three full-length albums, "My Voice," "Purpose," and "INVU," were all filled with songs she sang exclusively.

Song collaborations with DEAN, Verbal Jint, and Hyoyeon would appear on Taeyeon's mini-albums. As a result, Taeyeon opted for full-length albums that contained just songs sung by her.

"Oh I never noticed till I clicked on this post," a number of fans and netizens responded. It's fascinating, "That's quite interesting," "I like that the full-length CDs just feature Taeyeon's voice," says the listener. You can't beat Taeyeon's voice, according to everyone." Her songs are all that's on the albums, "Oh, that's right." Never saw it, "I think her mini-albums have songs she cooperated with other artists or feature artists," and "I prefer it since Taeyeon's voice fills the entire album,"


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