• Karina Lee



Girls' Generation's Taeyeon had the most powerful brand out of female idols for the second month in a row.

Taeyeon was ranked at the top of the personal brand reputation rankings for girl groups in March 2022 published by the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute on the 20th.

Taeyeon, who ranked first in the girl group's individual brand reputation last month, succeeded in defending her title.

The brand reputation index is an index created through brand big data analysis, focusing on consumers' online habits and overall celebrities' influence on consumers. The girl group brand reputation index measure positive and negative evaluations of girl groups, media exposure, and consumer interest

Goo Chang-hwan, director of the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, explained, “In the link analysis of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon brand, ‘released, dominate, and break through’ was used frequently, and in the keyword analysis, ‘INVU, Killing Voice and YouTube’ were used frequently”.

Taeyeon's new solo album was released last month, her first in two years and three months, received an overwhelmingly positive reaction. The title song 'INVU' ranked 5th on the music site Melon Chart on the 20th, proving the music's popularity.

WJSN BONA, and BLACKPINK'S JENNIE came in second and third respectively.