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  • Mary Kim


As per ushe.

Taeyeon made her first appearance on a music show since her comeback with 'INVU' on February 17.

On this day, she appeared on Mnet's music show 'M! Countdown' and showcased her latest comeback track's performance. As soon as she took the stage, she immediately commanded attention and captured the hearts of her fans with her flawless visuals and commanding presence.

Netizens and fans flocked to an online community to express their awe at Taeyeon's beauty and how she appeared to be a goddess the moment she walked up to the stage.

"Taeyeon's hair and makeup were absolutely stunning for her comeback," netizens commented, "she looks absolutely stunning," "she truly looks like a goddess," "the performance is insane as well," "she looks insanely pretty," "she's so surreal looking," "That video of her walking directly toward the camera is like something out of a fantasy film," "Her face is stunning," "I adore her song as well," and "she is so beautiful."


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