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  • Karina Lee


Only the weak kick people when they're down.

Amidst news that SHINEE TAEMIN will serve out the rest of his military duty on reserve duty due to his mental health, SM Entertainment stated the idol will remain in the military as a public service worker. Despite the idol's health however, Taemin faces backlash from fans who claim either he's weak or that he is receiving preferential treatment. This has led to two fellow member's of the military who trained with him to come to his defense.

Another colleague explained that Taemin had tried to stay strong and bright despite his condition. The colleague wrote, "I am a colleague (of Taemin) who trained at the Nonsan basic training camp. Starting from the basic training, he brought a lot of depression medication, and he would be issued the medication every evening during dinner time. Every time it was difficult for him, he tried to stay positive and bright since he's in front of younger colleagues, and he would play with us a lot too."

The colleague added, "I heard he had suffered from these illnesses even before enlisting, but he always gave his best effort in every training. So, please refrain from saying stuff about him."


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