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  • Mary Kim


Forever ever!

T-ara's Jiyeon has announced her marriage to baseball player Hwang Jae Gyun. On February 10, Jiyeon announced via her IG of her engagement. The handwritten letter reads:

"Hello, it's Jiyeon. There was a story I wanted to tell my fans directly, so I had the courage to write this. I debuted in my teens, and time has passed and I'm already in my 30s. After debuting when I was young and afraid of everything, when I withdrew from anxiety in my teens and even in my 20s, when I wanted to give up in a difficult time, you always reached out and held me silently. Thank you for cheering me on to make it through the long tunnel. I may be where I am today. To the fans who believe in me and support me, I want to tell the fans first and foremost, not the words or writings of other people. I have a boyfriend who I met last year through an acquaintance and met with good feelings. I promised to get married in the coming winter with a boyfriend who's like a gift in my life, who always care for me, cherished me, and taught me that happiness is. I will live a pretty and happy life with a reliable boyfriend who firmly held me when I was unstable and gave me a shoulder to lean on. I'm worried you may have been surprised by the sudden news. The day will come when I can share this happiness with you too, so I'm very nervous and nervous as I write each letter. I'll continue to repay you with a good image in the future for the support and love that the fans send. Thank you, and I love you."

Translated by ALLKPOP


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