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  • Cole Yoon


Not a good look.

Yammo, a producer and recording artist, took to Instagram on February 15 to call out rapper Swings.

"Swings, do you have any conscience?" began Yammo's letter, which he uploaded online. The musician complained that Swings had underpaid him for the work he had done. He claims Swings suggested that Yammo would get more exposure working with him, and that would suffice instead of money.

Yammo went on to explain, "He merely requested for the payment, but you responded, "I'm famous so working with me will give you more opportunities," and then proceeded to only pay a third of the fee. So what happens next?' Are you serious? "The real people should not give up but endure?""

He went on, saying, "You need to leave now. We don't have a place for people like you in our society. Despite your claims of authenticity, the producers who worked with you on your record saw their wages slashed." His friend was unable to respond so he tagged Swings and sent a message to him asking for an explanation, but Swings had blocked him. "Just an FYI," he said.


This producer's interaction with another producer was also included by Yammo. The second producer explained this in the conversation "When Swings promised to take care of the producers, he often paid them peanuts or even acquired tunes for free from them. He once published an album only with producers he found on SoundCloud, and I'm willing to bet that none of them received their dues."

According to a post that Swings made earlier this week, "It's time to get back into the swing of things." "There are a lot of fools out there who pretend to be real when the real individuals disappear from any field, and I feel like I watch them fake. The real people should not give up, but they should persevere instead."


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