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  • Karina Lee


Might explain why she wanted a family of her own so young.

Singer Sunye shed tears as she confessed her family history.

In the KBS 2TV entertainment program 'Godfather', which was aired on the afternoon of the 2nd, Kang Joo-eun and Woo Hye-rim's mother and daughter invited Sunye to attend.

On this day, Kang Joo-eun carefully wrapped the cookies she made for Woo Hye-rim and Sun-ye, and drew her attention. Sunye, who watched this, said, "I lived with her grandmother, so there were no memories like this with her mother." She confessed that she was raised by her grandparents after her parents' divorce. She continued, she added, "I heard that her mother died when I was five," she said.

Sunye said that when she was a child, she was envious of her friends who brought a thermos that their mother gave her. . She continued, she said, "She is very happy that I can become a mother and do that to my children," she said.

Kang Joo-eun brought tears to her eyes at such a fine art, and comforted her by saying, "I'm so happy to be able to share with you, I feel like my mother in heaven is with me." Then, in an interview with the production team, Kang Joo-eun said, "(After hearing her story of Sunye), she felt like she couldn't breathe.

On the other hand, KBS 2TV's 'Godfather' is a program that re-examines the relationship between the father and son in Korea through the star of the 'national father' who has been carrying modern and contemporary history and the star of the 'national son' who is still looking for answers to life. It airs at 40 p.m.


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