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  • Cole Yoon


Sunye and Sunmi had a touching reunion on tvN's 'Mom is an Idol'.

The two Wonder Girls first reunited in the practice room where they said, "It's amazing to see each other in the practice room. The last practice was for the 2009 concert in Shanghai." Sunmi added, "It's already been over 10 years. It's ridiculous." Sunmi further said, "Sunye cooked for me a lot. She wass like a real mother." "Even when I went to Canada on a world tour alone, my sister (Sunye) brought me a home cooked meal." When Sunye worried, "It must have had cooled down by the time you ate it," Sunmi said, "It did cool down, but it was still so delicious. I cried while eating it." "I don't know why I cried. I was very grateful, and it reminded me of the past,” she recalled at the time.

Sunye said, "Sunmi also had a really difficult time in various ways, but I'm so grateful that she came out as a soloist after the disbandment and grew up so well.

She added, "I always feel bad that I wasn't there to have these conversations with her during the transition."

Sunmi added, "She and I grew up in a similar background." To which Sunye said, "that's why I always wished the best for you. You are doing so well now, and I'm proud of you."

OK Who's Crying?


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